scarlett olson

       Austin, TX based Scarlett Olson has consistently written music that is an emotional and vulnerable journey, expressing the joy and fragility of life. She has a depth to her voice that reveals a hauntingly fragile & delicate side to her combined with a soulful & expressive inner strength. 

Scarlett's songwriting indulges deeper into the human heart and psyche. "I continue to explore the world through creating music, finding it's purest expression, and then pushing the boundaries even further".  

In addition to being a singer and artist, Scarlett is also a hard working entrepreneur. She is the founder of SOCO Botanicals, an organic, Austin based skincare line.


Scarlett's Band:

Guitar / Woody Russell
Keyboard, Sampling / Lloyd Wright
Bass / Rudy Eccles
Drums / Brad Evilsizer



Scarlett Olson

by Scarlett Olson